Design Engineering

Design engineering is all about transforming your ideas into fully functional finished parts and products. To derive maximum benefit, parts should be designed with a particular manufacturing process in mind. Initial drawings or sketches are converted into digital CAD files and modelling techniques applied to validate and refine design concepts. We use precision simulation, interoperability & meshing, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics techniques among others.

We work with you through every step of the design engineering process. In lieu of detailed drawings, we can reverse engineer original parts into CAD files. You can expect original concepts to undergo numerous digital iterations until deemed “optimal” for manufacture as a working model or prototype.

Design engineering provides a critical review of the marketability and potential commercial value of new product ideas. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of this collaboration and strive to ensure that design concepts are matched to the right production process. Designers know what they want, and our job is to listen and work to get them there.

  • Cable Tray CAD

  • 3D Visual Model